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This is a blog by and about the wrongfully convicted environmentalist and free energy activist, the Unicorn, Ira Einhorn. Here you'll find news and reviews concerning his case and views on how the world is working, or not. Articles from friends and supporters are posted here too. 'Tain't fittin, just 'tain't fittin...all those innocent folks in jail.'


I'm an old hippie from the 60's. Issues I'm working on include ebooks, hemp legalization, political activism , world trade center illness and bridging the digital divide.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Free The Unicorn

This blog is dedicated to freeing the Unicorn, Ira Einhorn who is serving time after being on the run, charged with killing Holly Maddux.

Currently, Ira is denied video and internet access to get the truth out about the frame. Not even CBS can get an interview with him, but the media is free to run government versions of the story.

With no witnesses to the murder, no blood evidence found in the body, the trunk, nor the apartment where the murder was said to be committed, and the judge telling the jury “As an aside, I would also advise you that you are not necessarily bound by the date alleged in the indictment in this case. The date of the death is not an essential element of the crime.” , it reads like a frame to me.

The role of the Computer Underground Railroad is to help folks get free using computers and other technology. What we learn here, may help free others from the bonds of Prison, Inc.

Please continue to pray for all innocent people in jail.