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Friday, July 07, 2006

What Smell? By Ira Einhorn

In dealing with my case, the media in the United States have rarely reported the ‘facts’ or questioned them. What they have done is parrot the DA, as I dared to challenge a system that has become a political pathway, on the backs of defendants, often innocent, for aspiring DAs.

This short note is an attempt to clarify a particular aspect of my case: the smell that was associated with my apartment building, NOT MY APARTMENT, during the fall of 1977.

I have no idea what the smell was. One hypothesis was that of a dead animal trapped under the floor.

If Holly Maddux had been killed when the DA insisted she was killed for over twenty years and put into a trunk that was then stored in a closet just ten feet from my bed no one would have been able to live in that apartment while the body was decaying, as the smell of a dead body – human or animal – is overwhelming and permeates everything.

Yet, during that time period there were people in my apartment for long periods of time.

I counted eleven people, mentioned in my diary, who spent at least a number of hours with me.

Two women who slept overnight in the apartment, one for a weekend, shortly after the purported death, testified at my trial.

They smelled nothing, as there was no smell.

Holly was seen alive, on at least five separate occasions, months after her supposed death. Information that the DA tried to suppress.

She was supposedly killed in a manner that would have sprayed blood everywhere. No blood was found in the apartment.

No blood was found on her clothes which were conveniently lost.

So the SMELL is a red herring, and the judicial authorities know it to be so, for after hearing all the evidence, Judge Mazzola very pointedly told the jury to ignore the time of death.

An outrageous act given the fact of two decades of DA insistence on the date of death and a defense totally based on such an insistence.

June 2006
Ira Einhorn