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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Why I stand behind Ira Einhorn….by James Sorrells, Ph.D.

I knew Ira Einhorn in the 1960s. I was working at the Mental Research Institute in Palo Alto, California with some of the finest minds in the fields of communication, psychiatry, and the study of schizophrenia. A friend who was completing his doctoral work in physics at Stanford, an old friend of Ira’s from Philadelphia, introduced me to Ira. At that time, Ira was a conduit of communication among theorists and researchers like Gregory Bateson, Marshall McLuhan, Buckminster Fuller, Alan Watts, the founders of Esalen and Timothy Leary as well as political activists like Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman. In fact, Ira referred to himself as a “planetary enzyme,” producing catalytic reactions through his transmission of information. Ira was trying to make sense of a culture being transformed by LSD, the Beatles and Buddhism. I brought Ira to M.R.I., and the exchange was both fruitful and exciting.

Ira was surely a mentor to our little social network in those days. He was incredibly well-read, and although all of us were well-educated, he opened our eyes to “vistas we never dreamed existed,” to quote Auntie Mame. He also “baby-sat” our experimental “trips” with LSD in our homes and on the Big Sur coast. He was so thoroughly acquainted with LSD and so in control of his own mental processes that he could take twice as much as any of us yet still be able to be a responsible “baby-sitter.” It is noteworthy that all of us had complete trust in Ira to safeguard us when we were very vulnerable.

It is also noteworthy that in literally thousands of hours of interaction in all kinds of settings, I never saw one instance in Ira of jealousy, rage or even anger, “power-tripping,” hostility, or virtually any negative social traits.

That observation and the trust we placed in Ira constitute one component of why I stand behind Ira.

Ira knew a great deal about government research using LSD and other chemical agents, research that was then secret but know has been confirmed. I recently edited Ira’s book, “Prelude to Intimacy,” which he wrote while imprisoned in France before he was extradicted to the U.S. for a second trial, the first having been conducted in absentia, for the murder of Holly Maddux. In his book, Ira talks about various avenues of his research which have never been popular with our government and his contacts in countries, some of which also have never been popular with out government. Ira warned us that, because he “knew too much,” the day might come when he might be assassinated, or more likely, framed for something that would send him to be prison where his death would attract less attention.

The current administration’s eagerness to spy and to imprison, at Guantanamo Bay and other undisclosed locations around the world constitute a second component of why I stand behind Ira. Yes, I do think he “knew too much,” and I have no doubt whatsoever that agencies of our government would think nothing of framing a target.

The third component of why I stand behind Ira is how he was tried. I don’t know for sure if Ira did or did not kill Holly Maddux, but I do know for sure that he was not given a fair trial. It in uncontestably true that the presiding Judge, Judge Mazzola, did not even attempt to conceal his bias against Ira. He literally ridiculed Ira in front of the jury, heaping doubt upon Ira’s credibility. His handling of the trial was a complete and utter debaucle, and on that basis alone, the trial should be thrown out.

Secondly, all evidence used to convict Ira was circumstantial and/or flawed. Ira purportedly bashed Holly’s head in with some sort of blunt instrument, then stuffed her body into a steamer trunk until she and trunk were discovered over a year later on Ira’s porch! Her blood would literally have been gushing. Yet, this was the assertion despite the fact that one single speck of blood could be found in Ira’s apartment or in the trunk.

Third, Ira is one of the most intelligent, cool-headed people I’ve ever known. He managed to maintain false identitities in Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and France for years despite all kinds of efforts to find him (which is related in marvelous fashion in “Prelude to Intimacy”). Yet, allegedly here is a man so stupid that he can’t even dispose of a body, instead crams it into a steamer trunk where it will decompose and smell, not just for a few days but for over a year! Give me a break! His explanation – that someone else killed Holly elsewhere and quite some time later stashed her body in Ira’s trunk in one of his frequent absences – is much more plausible.

To recapitulate, Ira is not the sort of person I judge to be a murderer. Second, the government had means, motive, and opportunity. Third, his trial was a joke, a mockery of justice.

To readers who would like to support his appeal: If Ira were O.J. Simpson, he would be free right now. It takes big bucks to hire lawyers like O.J.’s lawyers and/or lawyers with huevos to take on the Pennsylvania court system and even the legislature, which passed a special “Einhorn law” to overturn a final judgment and thus permit a re-trial, something the state constitution specifically prohibits. If you have big bucks and/or you are or know such an attorney, Ira needs you. Join me in standing behind Ira.