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Monday, November 20, 2006

Political Prisoner Ira Einhorn - Justice Denied Again

Political prisoner and environmental hero Ira Einhorn, was framed in 1977 for a murder there is no evidence he committed. He is currently serving a life sentence. Einhorn was subjected to a kangaroo court that convicted him without evidence, only hearsay by people who were not witnesses to how or where Holly Maddux was killed.

There was no blood in her body nor in Einhorn's apartment, where the murder was supposed to have taken place. There is no DNA evidence against him...nothing that connects him to the murder. The body found on his back porch in a locked closet was "missed" on previous police visits to his home where they were searching for evidence. Unlike Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were framed for treason, and executed, Einhorn fled to Europe, making the wise choice to live and fight another day. Another day came on Friday, June 13, 1997.

As reported by Philly.com, "In an opinion filed Tuesday [November 14, 2006], a three-judge Superior Court panel unanimously rejected all 10 of Einhorn's legal challenges to his 2002 conviction and life sentence for the murder of Helen "Holly" Maddux, 27. The court ruled that, even if the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge made trial errors, they did not prejudice the jury against Einhorn's defense."

The decision is posted.

A frame does not get any bolder than the court refusing to look at the truth, either during the trial or by denying the appeal.

Why frame Einhorn, an environmentalist and free energy advocate from the 60's and 70's? Because his wisdom, was in the way of toxic energy profits.

All conscious Americans should be asking themselves what is the government trying to hide by not allowing a fair and open trial review/appeal for Einhorn. As we’ve discovered, lies as a means of managing the population, i.e. 9/11. WMD's, Iran Contra, LIES, are used to control the country to keep us on polluting energy.

The lie that Einhorn killed Holly Maddux discredited this great environmental activists, and kept American attention right where the toxic energy interests wanted it...that the only choice we have is to use energy that is killing us. The global warming event called Katrina, and other wild weather events are signs of what Einhorn and others said would happen if we did not change our way of living.

To understand the depth of our corrupt toxic energy controlled government, courts included, please read:

Reply Brief

Kangaroo Court

What Smell?

The “evidence” is a sick joke.

For example, there was a lot of noise made during the trial about Einhorn’s diary, where he wrote about killing someone you can’t have being natural. It is at best circumstantial evidence. There are many secret life of Walter Mitty style diaries. It's like porno. Watching it or writing it is not the same as doing it, though I understand some wives (and husbands) would disagree. I may be able to understand if the diary writings were about Maddux, but they were not. His fiction writings were presented as evidence. Holly's body was found in a trunk on his back porch, which was missed during an earlier police search of his apartment.

Einhorn wrote:

“As the 2002 trial made clear, blood would have sprayed everywhere.

NO BLOOD was found in the body, in the fluids inside or outside the trunk or anyplace else in the alleged murder scene.”

When did reality change so that a violent murder leaves no evidence? How does one drain all the blood out of a body in their home and not leave a trace? Why the chemical smell passed off as a decaying human body?

Einhorn, a life dedicated to truth as a means of helping people live in a clean, life supporting environment, was a threat to keeping the American public buying gas and governments using nuclear energy. Alternatives like:

Hemp Bio fuels

Bruce DePalma's N Machine

Water powered vehicles

and others were thrown aside, made illegal, and/or their inventors and supporters were discredited or worse.

Why? GREED! The toxic energy lobby had a mission. Help the American people pretend not to know that the use of polluting energy would create Global Warming. How could the Bush family take over if oil was discredited. Toxic energy is the foundation industry for both the president and the vice president. Dr. Rice is a long term advocate of oil and nuclear energy.

The toxic energy lobby in America is so strong that they can take the entire country to wars for oil, though their products have been proven to cause cancer and other life threatening conditions.

Government for sale goes back in American history from legal slavery to Hearst, Hemp and the Marijuana Tax Act, to modern times of the Abramoff scandal. And no one runs it better than oil, nuclear and coal industries who slay anyone who stands up to them as they pollute the water, air and land.

Einhorn’s unbending environmental stance was in the way of keeping folks addicted to oil. Most of the movement sold out for an annual party (Earth Day) and funding, but Einhorn didn't. He had to be silenced. Death ran the risk of making Einhorn a martyr, giving the people a reason to resolve to get off of the chosen industries.

We are dealing with something much bigger than the case again him. If it were just the case, he would have been out. DNA results release people every day.

The only way special interests can still hold onto Einhorn is a series of court delays and other tactics. I suspect that if it were not for the noise his supporters are making, he would be dead by now.

There is hope as the government’s crimes are catching up with them. Outing a CIA agent (father knows best), 9/11, war for oil and poppies, gutting the Constitution, and now a tribunal of Democrats are assembled and asking questions.

Let freedom and truth ring.

What to do? Please contact the Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania and ask him to review the case. Copy your communication to the press.

By Mail:Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, 16th FloorStrawberry Square, Harrisburg, PA 17120, By Phone: 717-787-3391By Fax: 717-787-8242

By on line email form: http://www.attorneygeneral.gov/theoffice.aspx?id=71


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