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Monday, December 04, 2006


The right to express an opinion is a precious right protected by the first amendment. That amendment and the nine others that form the Bill of Rights was given to our nation very early in its existence by the assiduous work done by James Madison; a man who is finally being given his historical due. Our other rights enumerated in the first ten amendments to the constitution, are slowly being rendered null buy the fear mongering that W and his ilk had been using to destroy our 230 year old experiment in democracy.

These freedoms form the very basis of our way of life, consumption or should I say over-consumption notwithstanding. Our ancestors died to give us those freedoms that Turks, Chinese or some Europeans don’t fully have. The time may come and shortly, alas, when some of us may again have to bleed to protect such rights.

Yet so many of the opinions expressed today are based upon ideology or incorrect facts. Our media and blogs are often filled with sheer bluster producing a clash of opinions that does not produce clarity, but confusion and chaos instead.

Any discussion that leads to greater understanding must be based upon a grasp of the facts that underlie the situation under discussion.

Iraq is a good case in point. It is now costing us $338,000 a minute. It’s final bill will probably reach two trillion dollars. Over 15,000 dead and seriously injured. Many lives disrupted and destroyed. Our reputation in taters. And worse, what we have done to the Iraqis and their environment. Shame is all I can feel as the images flicker in my mind.

All based upon lies and years of using ideology instead of facts to understand the situation in Iraq. We’ve made an unholy mess that will haunt us and the suffering Iraqis for decades.

W and his team must be held to account. The reason for our making such an egregious mistake brought carefully to light, so that such behavior is seen for what it is – contemptuous – and that we can continue to protect that first amendment from that produced the criticism that lead to the election defeat that will allow the democrats to expose the secret decisions that underlie the empirical presidency of W.

It will cause dissension and great opposition.

W wants to hide his mistakes, but they must be exposed if we are to survive as a nation and to find a way to provide some recompense for destroying people and a land that is over 5,000 years old.