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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Response To Corrupt Court

When judicial figures come together under the color of law to lie about it, they demean the very forms that their ritual is supposed to uphold and reinforce.

It would be an honest act to admit what my wife said at the end of my 2002 trial: “There is no justice for Ira Einhorn in Philadelphia.”

By lie and subterfuge, by twisting words and refusing to rule upon an obvious unconstitutional law (The Einhorn Law), the superior Court of Pennsylvania extended the statement that my wife made to Pennsylvania.

The denigration of law, the destruction of our constitution (one of the great documents in human history) under the aegis of executive order has brought international shame to our countries’ name.

Such behavior is now being echoed in local jurisdictions throughout the land.

When judges make a travesty of the law they are tearing apart the fabric of our society, they are making a mockery of those whose blood was shed in the process of creating our precious freedoms and invoking forces of social dissolution that will eventually lead to future bloodshed.

Ira Einhorn